Wicked Folders review

  • Good choice
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  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Versatile Organization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Drag & Drop
  • Dynamic Folders
  • Page Hierarchy
  • Search and Display
  • Media Library PRO
  • Users PRO
  • Gravity Forms PRO
  • WooCommerce Integration PRO
  • Well documented
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Wicked Folders: A Detailed Overview


Wicked Folders is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to enhance content management by introducing a folder-based organization system. It offers a practical solution for managing vast amounts of pages and custom post types without altering the actual structure or permalinks of your content.

Key Features:

Versatile Organization:

Organize pages, posts, and custom post types seamlessly.
Control which post types can utilize the folder system.
Create and nest folders as per your requirements.
User-Friendly Interface:

Tree view display of folders for easy navigation.
Drag and drop functionality for both folders and items.
Bulk move items into folders for efficient organization.
Assign items to multiple folders simultaneously.
Clone folders for repetitive structures.
Resizable folder pane to fit your workspace.
Dynamic Folders:

Automatically filter content based on criteria like date, author, or other categories.
“Unassigned Items” folder to identify content not yet categorized.
“Page Hierarchy” folder to view pages in their inherent structure.
Search and Display:

Search functionality within folders.
Display the count of items in each folder.
Support for right-to-left languages, enhancing accessibility.
Underlying Mechanism:

Utilizes WordPress’s taxonomy API, creating a ‘Folders’ taxonomy for organized post types.
Does not modify permalinks, hierarchy, or any other attributes of the content.

Wicked Folders Pro:

For those seeking advanced features, Wicked Folders Pro offers the ability to organize a broader range of WordPress elements:

Media Library: Organize your images, videos, and other media files.
Users: Categorize your website’s user profiles.
Plugins: Keep your plugins sorted and easily accessible.
Gravity Forms: Organize both entries and forms.
WooCommerce: Manage products, orders, and coupons efficiently.
TablePress: Keep your tables neatly organized.


Wicked Folders is an invaluable tool for WordPress users, especially those managing extensive content. By providing a folder-based organization system, it simplifies content management, making it easier to locate and manage pages, posts, and custom post types. Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a developer, Wicked Folders ensures your content remains organized and easily accessible. The Pro version further extends its capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for all your WordPress organization needs.

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