Wishlist for WooCommerce review

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  • 4.9 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Minimalist Design
  • Social Sharing
  • Customizable Wishlist Buttons
  • Guest Wishlist
  • Ajax Integration
  • Stock Alert PRO
  • Admin Insights PRO
  • Customizable Icons and Buttons PRO
  • Tooltips PRO
  • Custom Note Field PRO
  • Automatic Removal PRO
  • Drag and Drop Sorting PRO
  • Well documented
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Wishlist for WooCommerce Overview

Introduction: Wishlist for WooCommerce is a versatile plugin designed to enhance the shopping experience on WooCommerce stores. It provides a user-friendly platform for both guests and registered users to save their favorite products for future reference or purchase. The plugin is highly customizable, ensuring seamless integration with any theme or design.

Key Features:

Minimalist Design:

Offers a clean and straightforward interface for users.
Social Sharing:

Allows users to share their wishlists on social networks, emails, and through direct links.
FontAwesome Integration:

Utilizes icons from FontAwesome for a consistent and modern look.
Customizable Wishlist Buttons:

Store owners can decide where the wishlist buttons will appear on the product pages.
Guest Wishlist:

Even unlogged users can add items to their wishlist.
Ajax Integration:

Enables smooth addition or removal of items from the wishlist without reloading the page.
Responsive Design:

Ensures the wishlist looks great on devices of all sizes.

Users can receive notifications when an item is added to the wishlist.
Premium Features:

Cache Compatibility:

Works seamlessly with popular caching plugins.
Stock Alert:

Notifies users when a product in their wishlist is back in stock.
Admin Insights:

Store owners can view the items added by users to their wishlists.
Customizable Icons and Buttons:

Choose custom icons from FontAwesome and customize the appearance of buttons.

Enhances user experience by providing tooltips for better clarity.
Product Attributes:

Saves specific product attributes in the wishlist.
Custom Note Field:

Allows users to add a custom note for each item in their wishlist.
Automatic Removal:

Products are automatically removed from the wishlist once purchased.
Admin Columns:

Provides additional columns in the admin dashboard showing wishlist data.
Drag and Drop Sorting:
Users can easily rearrange items in their wishlist using drag and drop.
Premium Support:
Dedicated support for premium users.
Conclusion: Wishlist for WooCommerce is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store aiming to improve user engagement and enhance the shopping experience. By allowing customers to save and manage their favorite products, it encourages return visits and fosters customer loyalty. The plugin’s extensive customization options ensure it can be tailored to fit any store’s design and branding, making it a valuable addition to the WooCommerce toolkit.

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