Woo Product Table Pro - WooCommerce Product Table view solution review

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Key Features
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Ajax Pagination and LoadMore Button
  • Advanced Search and Filter Options
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Integration with YITH
  • Customizable
  • LightBox
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WooCommerce Product Table Plugin Overview

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin stands as a robust tool for online store owners who wish to enhance the presentation and accessibility of their products. This plugin offers a plethora of features that facilitate the creation of customizable and dynamic product tables, thereby elevating the user experience on your WooCommerce site. Let’s delve deeper into the special features and the advantages they bring to your online store.


Special Features

Dynamic Filtering and Query Generator: Create tables that showcase products based on various criteria such as category, tag, price range, and stock status, thanks to the robust query generator.
Ajax Pagination and LoadMore Button: Enhance user experience with Ajax pagination and LoadMore button, allowing for seamless navigation through product listings.
Advanced Search and Filter Options: Offer advanced search filters that automatically generate based on available taxonomy, facilitating quick and targeted product searches.
Product Attributes and Variations: Display product attributes and variations in separate columns, providing detailed information to customers and aiding in their purchase decisions.
Quick Order Table: Facilitate bulk purchases with the quick order table feature, which includes options for direct checkout and adding multiple items to the cart at once.
Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a seamless shopping experience across devices with a 100% mobile-responsive design.
Integration with YITH Plugins: Enhance functionality with compatibility features for YITH plugins, including Quick View, Quote Request, and Wishlist Plugin.
Customizable Messages and Icons: Personalize your product tables with customizable messages, and add cart icons to the add-to-cart buttons for a visually appealing presentation.
LightBox for Thumbnail Images: Offer a closer look at product images with a LightBox feature for thumbnail images, enhancing the visual appeal of your product tables.


Enhanced User Experience: The plugin’s features work collectively to offer an enhanced user experience, with fast loading speeds, intuitive search and filter options, and seamless navigation.
Customizable Presentation: Tailor the presentation of your product tables to match your brand’s aesthetics and the preferences of your target audience, with options to customize almost every aspect of the tables.
Efficient Product Search: The advanced query and search box facilitate efficient product searches, helping customers find exactly what they are looking for with minimal effort.
Mobile-Friendly Design: The mobile-responsive design ensures that your product tables look great and function seamlessly on all devices, catering to a wide range of customers.
Integration with Popular Plugins: The compatibility with popular YITH plugins allows for an extended functionality, offering features like quick view, wishlist, and quote requests to enhance the shopping experience.


The WooCommerce Product Table plugin emerges as a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to enhance the presentation and functionality of their product listings. With a rich set of features including dynamic filtering options, advanced search and filter tools, and customizable messages, it offers a pathway to creating product tables that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and functional. It stands as a valuable tool in enhancing the shopping experience and facilitating a smooth and efficient purchase process for customers.

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