WooCommerce B2B review

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  • 4.8 of 5 Rating
  • $99
Key Features
  • Wholesale prices and prices by quantity (tier prices)
  • Hide product prices
  • Different registration forms
  • Barcode and RRP
  • Coupon usage rules
  • Shipping and Payment methods management
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Quote requests
  • Tax exemption by country
  • VAT support and validation
  • Access restriction
  • Well documented
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WooCommerce B2B – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin to Grow Your Business

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, having a plugin that caters to both B2B and B2C needs can be a game-changer. WooCommerce B2B stands tall as a comprehensive solution, offering a plethora of features that can transform your store into a powerhouse capable of handling a wide array of business requirements. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this plugin a must-have for your WooCommerce store.


Lifetime License: A Promise of Transparency and Honesty

With WooCommerce B2B, you pay once and enjoy a lifetime license, a feature that sets it apart from competitors requiring annual renewals. This approach ensures transparency and honesty, promising you access to future updates without any additional costs. The team behind WooCommerce B2B is committed to evolving with the e-commerce world, bringing you the most requested features through stable updates.


Feature-Rich Plugin for a Diverse Business Landscape

WooCommerce B2B is packed with features that allow you to create a versatile and responsive business environment. Here are some of the standout features:


Wholesale and Tier Prices: Set different price points for various customer groups, including wholesale prices and quantity-based tier prices.
Custom Registration Forms: Create different registration forms with an approval process to manage your customer base effectively.
Product Visibility: Control the visibility of product categories and pages, tailoring the shopping experience for different user groups.
Quick Order via CSV Upload: Facilitate bulk orders through quick orders via CSV uploads, enhancing the B2B shopping experience.
Tax Management: Advanced tax management features including VAT support and validation, and tax exemption by country.

Unique Features for an Enhanced User Experience

Beyond the standard functionalities, WooCommerce B2B offers special features designed to elevate the user experience, such as:


Thank You Page Preview: Allows you to preview the thank you page from the admin order details page, helping you to personalize the customer’s journey.
Purchase History: Display a table preview of purchase history in the product details page, offering transparency and fostering trust with your customers.
Bulk Edit Group Options: Save time and effort with the bulk edit groups option, streamlining the management of different customer groups.
REST API Full Integration: Ensures seamless integration with other systems, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your WooCommerce store.

High-Performance and Security

WooCommerce B2B prioritizes performance and security, avoiding unnecessary CSS/JS that can compromise the security and speed of your site. It focuses on usability over graphic appearance, promising a secure and efficient environment for your business operations.


WooCommerce B2B emerges as a frontrunner in the WooCommerce wholesale plugin category, offering a rich set of features that can cater to a diverse range of business needs. Whether you are looking to set up a hybrid B2B/B2C store or enhance the functionalities of your existing store, WooCommerce B2B provides a one-stop solution.


With a lifetime license and a promise of continuous updates, it offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to grow and evolve in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. It stands as a reliable partner, promising a seamless, secure, and enriched user experience, making it a worthy investment for your WooCommerce store.

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