WooCommerce Brands review

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Key Features
  • Brand Creation & Management
  • Assign these brands to products
  • Dynamic Brand Listing
  • Alphabetical overview
  • Display brands as thumbnails
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Layered Navigation
  • Brand Archive
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WooCommerce Brands: Enhancing Brand Visibility in Your Online Store


WooCommerce Brands is a dedicated extension designed to streamline the brand management process in your WooCommerce store. It not only allows you to create and assign brands to products but also offers various ways for customers to view and filter products by their favorite brands.

Key Features:

Brand Creation & Management:

Easily create brands with a dedicated name, description, and image.
Assign these brands to your products, enhancing product categorization and searchability.
Dynamic Brand Listing:

Use the special A-Z shortcode to list and index brands on a dedicated page, providing an alphabetical overview of all the brands you offer.
Display brands as thumbnails on any page using another shortcode, offering a visual representation of each brand.
Sidebar Widget for Brands:

Integrate a dedicated widget in the sidebar, allowing customers to easily view and select their preferred brands.
Layered Navigation Widget:

Enhance the product filtering experience by allowing customers to view products based on their chosen brand using the layered nav widget.
This widget works in tandem with other attribute filters, offering a comprehensive filtering experience.
Brand Archive Template:

Optionally showcase the brand description on the archive template, providing more insights about each brand to your customers.
Enhance brand visibility and recognition with the A-Z shortcode, making it easier for customers to find and explore brands.


WooCommerce Brands is a must-have extension for online retailers looking to emphasize their brand offerings and enhance the overall shopping experience. By providing a structured and organized brand display, it not only facilitates easier product discovery but also instills a sense of trust and recognition among customers. Whether you’re a budding e-commerce platform or an established online store, integrating WooCommerce Brands can significantly elevate your brand presentation and customer engagement.

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