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Key Features
  • Browsing Behaviors
  • Complete Customer Data
  • Product Stats
  • Billing and Shipping Details
  • Custom Notes
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Bulk Email
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WooCommerce Customers Manager: A Comprehensive Overview


The WooCommerce Customers Manager plugin is a robust tool designed to enhance the customer management experience for WooCommerce store owners. It provides a detailed insight into customer behaviors, allowing businesses to tailor their strategies and improve customer relations.

Key Features:

Browsing Behaviors: Track the browsing patterns of your customers to understand their preferences and shopping habits.
Complete Customer Data: Access a comprehensive list of all your customers, along with crucial details such as their real name, billing address, total amount spent, and the dates of their first and most recent purchases.
Product Stats: Gain insights into the specific products that each customer has purchased, allowing for targeted marketing and inventory management.
Billing and Shipping Details: View customers’ billing and shipping addresses, ensuring accurate and efficient delivery of products.
Communication Tools: Directly email customers from the plugin interface, fostering better communication and relationship-building.
Custom Notes: Assign personalized notes to each customer, helping to remember specific preferences or interactions.
User Data Editing: Modify user data and metadata as needed, ensuring up-to-date and accurate customer records.
Special Features:

CSV Import/Export: Easily transfer customer data in and out of the system using CSV files, facilitating data management and backups.
Guest Customer List: Track not just registered users but also guests, understanding the behaviors and preferences of occasional or one-time shoppers.
Discover by Order: Filter and view customers based on specific orders, aiding in order management and customer service.
Guest to Registered Conversion: Convert guest users to registered ones, encouraging them to become loyal, returning customers.
Bulk Email: Send out mass emails for promotions, updates, or newsletters, reaching a broader audience with ease.
Blocked Customers: A unique feature that allows store owners to blacklist problematic customers, such as those who frequently cancel orders or engage in fraudulent activities.

The WooCommerce Customers Manager plugin is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store owner looking to optimize their customer management processes. By offering a deep dive into customer behaviors, preferences, and interactions, it allows businesses to make informed decisions, tailor their marketing strategies, and ultimately drive sales and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s understanding product preferences, communicating effectively, or managing problematic customers, this plugin has got you covered.

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