WooCommerce Donation Or Tip On Cart And Checkout review

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Key Features
  • Flexible Donation Amounts
  • 3 Donation Types
  • Versatile Display Options
  • Placement Flexibility
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WooCommerce Donation Or Tip On Cart And Checkout Overview

Introduction: The WooCommerce Donation Or Tip On Cart And Checkout is a versatile plugin designed to allow online store owners to accept donations or tips during the checkout process. It offers flexibility for both the store owner and the customer, ensuring that the donation process is seamless and user-friendly.

Key Features:

Flexible Donation Amounts:

Customers can choose from predefined donation amounts set by the store owner.
Alternatively, they can specify their own donation amount, offering complete flexibility.
Three Donation Types:

Fixed Amount: Customers can select a set donation amount, such as $10 or $20.
Percentage of Cart: The donation is calculated as a percentage of the cart’s total value. For instance, a 10% donation on a $150 cart would amount to $15.
Both (Fixed/Percentage): Customers can choose between fixed or percentage-based donations.
Versatile Display Options:

The plugin offers six different styles for displaying the donation/tip form, catering to various website designs and user preferences.
Options include button styles, select fields, and text fields for both fixed and percentage-based donations.
Placement Flexibility:

The donation form can be displayed on both the cart and checkout pages.
On the cart page, there are six potential positions for the form, while the checkout page offers eight positions.
For even more flexibility, a shortcode is provided, allowing the store owner to place the donation form anywhere on the site.


The WooCommerce Donation Or Tip On Cart And Checkout plugin is an essential tool for online store owners looking to accept donations or tips. Its flexibility in terms of donation amounts, display styles, and placement options ensures that it can be tailored to fit any website’s design and functionality needs. Whether you’re looking to support a charitable cause, offset operational costs, or simply offer a way for satisfied customers to show their appreciation, this plugin provides a streamlined and efficient solution.

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