WooCommerce Fraud Prevention - Dotstore review

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Key Features
  • User-Based Blocking
  • Geographic Restrictions
  • Domain Restrictions
  • Browser Restrictions
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Bulk Upload Capabilities
  • Whitelisting Options
  • Fraud Scoring
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WooCommerce Fraud Prevention by dotstore: Your Ultimate Shield Against E-commerce Scams


In the digital age, e-commerce fraud is a growing concern. The WooCommerce Fraud Prevention plugin by dotstore is your robust solution to combat these threats, ensuring a secure transaction environment for your online store.

Why Choose WooCommerce Fraud Prevention by dotstore?

Advanced Fraud Detection:

Seamlessly identify and halt fraudulent transactions, ensuring only genuine orders get through.
Customizable Security Measures:

Tailor the plugin’s settings to your store’s specific needs, ensuring maximum protection without compromising user experience.
Operational Efficiency:

Save time and resources by automatically filtering out illegitimate orders, allowing you to focus on genuine customers.
Key Features:

User-Based Blocking:

Block users at various stages, from registration to checkout, based on parameters like email, IP address, and more.
Geographic Restrictions:

Set up barriers against potential threats from specific states, ZIP codes, or shipping zones.
Domain and Browser Restrictions:

Prevent orders from suspicious domains or specific web browsers.
Customizable Alerts:

Craft personalized messages for blacklisted users, clarifying the reason for their restriction.
Bulk Upload Capabilities:

Efficiently upload blacklisted email addresses, ZIP codes, or states using Excel.
Whitelisting Options:

Exempt specific emails or payment methods from the fraud check process, ensuring a smooth experience for trusted users.
Dynamic Fraud Scoring:

Evaluate the risk associated with each order using the auto-fraud score feature and set your own risk thresholds.
User-Friendly Interface:

Easily view blacklisted user details, import/export settings, and more, all from a streamlined dashboard.
Enhance Your Store’s Security with Advanced Fraud Rules:

Custom Risk Parameters:

Define your own fraud rules and assign weight to each, allowing for a tailored fraud detection process.
Automatic Email Blacklisting:

Automatically blacklist emails based on their associated fraud score, ensuring repeat offenders are kept at bay.
External Blacklist Integration:

Leverage an external blacklist of temporary email domains from Github to prevent registrations using disposable emails.
Payment Method Whitelisting:

Promote the use of specific payment gateways by allowing instant access for users of whitelisted payment methods.

The WooCommerce Fraud Prevention plugin by dotstore is a comprehensive solution for e-commerce stores seeking to fortify their defenses against fraudulent activities. With its array of customizable features and user-friendly interface, this plugin is an invaluable asset for any online store aiming to provide a secure shopping environment. Protect your business, reputation, and customers with WooCommerce Fraud Prevention by dotstore.

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