WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-ons review

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Key Features
  • Advanced Product Configuration
  • Conditional Logic
  • Unique Cart Tracking
  • Flexible Price Display
  • Customizable Labels
  • Standard Fields
  • Advanced Fields
  • Pricing Fields
  • Special Features
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Gravity Forms Product Add-ons: Elevate Your WooCommerce Experience


Gravity Forms Product Add-ons is a powerful extension that integrates the robust form-building capabilities of Gravity Forms with WooCommerce. It allows you to create intricate product configuration forms, ensuring that your WooCommerce store offers a personalized and dynamic shopping experience for your customers.

Key Features for Enhanced Product Customization:

Advanced Product Configuration: Build and link sophisticated product configuration forms to any WooCommerce product.
Conditional Logic: Design forms with conditional logic, pricing fields, and user input prices.
Unique Cart Tracking: Ensure unique product configurations are added to the cart, while duplicates simply increase in quantity.
Flexible Price Display: Choose between default WooCommerce price displays or set custom displays like “As Low as $1000” for products with variable pricing.
Customizable Labels: Gain control over automatic price calculation displays and configure each label to your liking.

Supported Gravity Form Fields:

Standard Fields: Includes Single Line Text, Drop Down, Number, Radio Buttons, HTML, Paragraph Text, Multi Select, Checkboxes, Hidden, and Section Break.
Advanced Fields: Incorporate fields like Name, Time, Address, Email, Date, Phone, Website, File Upload, and List for a comprehensive product customization experience.
Pricing Fields: Enhance product pricing with fields such as Product, Option (Drop Down, Check-boxes, Radio buttons), Total, Quantity, and Shipping.
Special Features: Utilize conditional submit button logic, multi-paged forms, and mandatory fields for a streamlined user experience.


Currently, post creation fields are not supported. However, with the vast array of features already available, you can create a rich and interactive product customization experience for your customers.


The Gravity Forms Product Add-ons extension is a must-have for WooCommerce store owners looking to offer advanced product customization options. By leveraging the power of Gravity Forms, this extension ensures that your store stands out by delivering a tailored shopping experience. Whether you’re selling simple products or complex configurations, Gravity Forms Product Add-ons has got you covered, ensuring your store remains SEO-optimized and user-friendly.

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