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Key Features
  • Content Protection
  • Access Control
  • Roles Manager
  • Wholesale and Membership Incentives
  • Password Options
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WooCommerce Members Only: An Overview

Introduction: WooCommerce Members Only is a versatile membership plugin tailored for WooCommerce store owners. It provides a robust mechanism to restrict access to content, making it a valuable tool for creating exclusive content areas on your website.

Key Features:

Content Protection:

Decide which users can view your content.
Restrict access to posts, products, categories, or the entire site.
Access Control:

Protect content using passwords, user roles, user IDs, or logged-in status.
Redirect unauthorized users to specific pages, such as a landing page or account page.
Roles Manager:

Built-in feature to create and edit user roles.
Automatically assign roles upon purchasing specific products.
Set expiration dates for memberships.
Wholesale and Membership Incentives:

Restrict or enable specific payment and shipping methods based on user roles.
Password Options:

Set global passwords or unique passwords for individual products/posts.
Assign passwords to specific product or post categories.
User Role Options:

Define global user roles or specify roles for individual products/posts.
Control access to payment gateways and shipping methods based on roles.
Implement membership expiration dates.
Custom Registration:

Allow role selection during registration.
Option for manual user approval post-registration.
Add custom fields to the registration form.
User-Specific Content:

Restrict access to certain products based on specific user IDs.
User Role Editor:

Create, duplicate, and edit user roles.
Modify role capabilities.
Applications: WooCommerce Members Only is ideal for:

E-commerce Platforms: Offer exclusive products or discounts to members.
Content Creators: Provide members-only access to premium content.
Online Courses: Offer exclusive courses or modules to members.
Wholesale Stores: Provide special pricing or shipping options to specific user roles.
Conclusion: WooCommerce Members Only is a comprehensive solution for those looking to offer exclusive content on their WooCommerce platform. Whether you’re aiming to provide members-only content, special pricing, or unique shipping options, this plugin offers a wide range of features to cater to your needs. Its flexibility in terms of content protection, combined with its user role management capabilities, makes it a must-have for any WooCommerce store owner looking to enhance their membership offerings.

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