WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity review

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Key Features
  • Quantity Restrictions
  • Order Value Control
  • Default Quantity Settings
  • Quantity Increments
  • Advanced Targeting Rules
  • Interactive Quantity Dropdown
  • Error Notifications

WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity by WooSuite: Streamline Your Sales Strategy


WooSuite’s WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin is a comprehensive tool designed to give WooCommerce store owners granular control over product quantities. Whether you’re looking to set specific limits for individual products, variations, or entire orders, this plugin ensures that your customers purchase within your defined parameters.

Key Features:

Flexible Quantity Restrictions: Easily set minimum or maximum purchase limits for products, including their variations. This ensures that customers buy within the range you’ve established, optimizing inventory management and sales strategies.
Order Value Control: Define the minimum or maximum order value, ensuring that each transaction aligns with your business goals. This can be particularly useful for promotions or wholesale operations.
Default Quantity Settings: Simplify the shopping experience by setting default quantities either globally or at the product level. This reduces the steps customers need to take, potentially increasing conversion rates.
Quantity Increments: Perfect for products sold in batches or sets, this feature allows you to define how many of a particular product or variation can be purchased at once.
Advanced Targeting Rules: Customize the shopping experience based on user types. For instance, set different rules for B2C customers versus B2B clients, ensuring each segment gets a tailored experience.
Interactive Quantity Dropdown: Enhance user experience with an intuitive dropdown system for quantity selection, streamlining the purchasing process.
Error Notifications: If customers don’t meet the set requirements, they’ll receive clear error messages on their cart page, guiding them to adjust their selections accordingly.
Why Choose WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity by WooSuite?

This plugin is essential for WooCommerce store owners aiming to refine their sales and inventory strategies. By setting clear quantity and order value limits, you can better manage stock, cater to specific promotions, and ensure a consistent shopping experience for your customers. Whether you’re operating a niche boutique or a large e-commerce platform, WooSuite’s WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin offers the flexibility and control needed for success.

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