WooCommerce PDF Watermark Plugin review

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Key Features
  • Text and Image Watermarks
  • Personalized Watermarks
  • Password Protection
  • Copy / Print Protection
  • Modification Protection
  • Customizable Watermarks
  • Brand Promotion
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WooCommerce PDF Watermark Plugin


Text and Image Watermarks: You can add both text and image watermarks to your PDF files, offering a versatile way to mark your documents.
Personalized Watermarks: The extension allows you to personalize text watermarks based on the customer who purchased the product, using a template tag system that can be extended to include specific tags you want.


Password Protection: Secure your PDF files with password protection to restrict unauthorized access.
Copy Protection: Prevent users from copying text or images from your PDFs by flattening the content, making it difficult to extract.
Modification Protection: Restrict unauthorized modifications to your PDFs, ensuring the integrity of your documents.
Print Protection: Disable the print functionality for your PDFs to prevent unauthorized printing.


Global, Product, or Variation Level: Define watermarks at various levels, giving you control over the watermarks on different products.
Customizable Text Watermarks: Customize the font, size, and position of text watermarks to suit your preferences.
Customizable Image Watermarks: Adjust the opacity, position, and alignment of image watermarks to align with your brand image.
Page Selection for Watermarks: Choose specific pages in your PDF documents where the watermark should appear, such as only on the first or last pages.



Document Security: Protect your PDF documents from unauthorized access and maintain the security of sensitive information.
Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard your intellectual property by preventing unauthorized copying, modification, and printing of your PDF documents.


Brand Promotion: Promote your brand effectively by adding your logo or other branding elements as watermarks on your PDF files.
Professional Presentation: Enhance the presentation of your PDF documents with professionally designed watermarks that reflect your brand identity.

Flexibility and Control

Tailored Solutions: Tailor watermarking solutions to meet specific needs, with the ability to define watermarks at different levels and personalize them based on customer information.
Extendibility: The extension is designed with extendibility in mind, allowing for easy addition of functionality through a range of hooks included in the extension.

The WooCommerce PDF Watermark extension appears to be a robust tool for securing and branding your PDF documents distributed through WooCommerce. Its wide array of features offers both protection and customization, ensuring that your PDF files are not only secure but also aligned with your brand image. It seems to be a valuable addition to any WooCommerce store that offers PDF downloads, providing a comprehensive solution for PDF protection and branding.

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