WooCommerce Product Badge Manager review

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Key Features
  • Unlimited Badge Creation
  • Multiple Badge Positions
  • Custom Badge Display
  • Floating Badge Option
  • Taxonomy-Based Badge
  • Product Variation-Based Badge
  • Product Archive & Filtering
  • Live preview
  • Well documented
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WooCommerce Product Badge Manager: An In-Depth Overview

Introduction: The WooCommerce Product Badge Manager is a dynamic tool designed to enhance the visibility and appeal of products on your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, store owners can effortlessly create and assign badges to products based on a variety of criteria, making certain products stand out and potentially driving more sales.

Key Features:

Unlimited Badge Creation: Create as many badges as you need to highlight different aspects of your products.
Advanced Badge Assignment: Assign badges directly from the product page, exclude certain products from having badges, and even use shortcodes to extend badge functionality.
Badge Display: Showcase badges on both product catalog pages (like Shop, Archive, Related products) and individual product pages.
Multiple Badge Positions: Choose from over 15 different positions to display badges on your products, ensuring they align perfectly with your design.
Floating Badge Option: For more flexibility, add floating badges that can be positioned anywhere on the product image.
Taxonomy-Based Badge Assignment: Assign badges based on various taxonomies like product categories, attributes, terms, and even sellers.
Product Variation-Based Badge Assignment: Use a robust meta box to assign badges based on product launch time, sales, ratings, stock, and more. You can also combine multiple conditions for more complex badge display logic.
Product Archive & Filtering: Each badge automatically generates a product archive page, listing all products under that badge. Additionally, you can filter products based on badges in the catalog pages.
Comprehensive Features List:

Easy installation and setup.
Live preview for badge positioning.
Assign badges based on multiple conditions.
Exclude specific products from having badges.
Extend badge functionality with shortcodes.
Badge filter widget for easy product filtering.
Intuitive admin settings for complete control.
Update notifications directly in the dashboard.

Enhanced Product Visibility: Badges draw attention to specific products, making promotions, new arrivals, or special features more noticeable.
Increased Sales Potential: Badges can create a sense of urgency or highlight unique selling points, potentially driving quicker purchasing decisions.
Efficient Management: The plugin’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those without technical expertise can easily manage and customize badges.
Customization: With extensive badge positioning and assignment options, store owners can ensure badges fit perfectly with their store’s design and marketing strategy.
Conclusion: The WooCommerce Product Badge Manager is a must-have tool for any WooCommerce store owner looking to enhance product visibility and drive sales. Its comprehensive features, combined with its user-friendly interface, make it a valuable addition to any WooCommerce setup. Whether highlighting sales, new arrivals, special features, or limited-time offers, this plugin ensures products stand out and capture customer attention.

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