WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin review

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Key Features
  • Text or Image Watermark
  • Specific Products & Categories
  • Variable Products
  • Customizable
  • Automated Rules
  • Bulk Watermarking
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Well documented
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WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin by extendons


Text and Image Watermarks: You can add both text and image watermarks to your product images, offering a versatile approach to watermarking.
Customizable Settings: The plugin allows you to customize various settings including font, type, color, opacity, and position of the watermarks, as well as the background color of product images.
Specific and Bulk Applications
Specific Products and Categories: Apply watermarks to specific products or entire categories, giving you control over which images are watermarked.
Bulk Watermarking: Save time and effort by applying watermarks to all product images automatically, including in pop-ups and catalog thumbnails.


Integration with Other Plugins: The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Slider Plugin and WPML, enhancing its functionality and offering multilingual support.


Image Security: Protect your product images from unauthorized use by adding a unique watermark to them.
Intellectual Property Safety: Ensure the safety of your intellectual property by preventing unauthorized copying of your images.


Personalization: Enhance your brand image by personalizing product images with your brand name and logo.
Professional Appearance: Create a professional look for your brand with customizable text watermarks, including personalized text and font size.


Automated Rules: Set up rules to automate the addition of watermarks, allowing for creative and varied watermark configurations across different products and categories.
Ease of Use: The plugin is user-friendly, offering a straightforward solution for watermarking your images with easy configuration options.

The “WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin” appears to be a robust tool for securing and branding your product images. Its wide array of features offers both protection and customization, ensuring that your product images are not only secure but also aligned with your brand image. The plugin’s specific and bulk application options, along with its compatibility with other plugins, make it a versatile tool for businesses looking to secure their product images while maintaining a professional appearance. It seems to be a valuable addition to any WooCommerce store, providing a comprehensive solution for image protection and branding.

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