WooCommerce Product Image Zoom review

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Key Features
  • Product Gallery for Single Page
  • Zoom Magnifier
  • Carousel with Transitions
  • Zoom Magnifier with Output Window Option
  • Magnifier with Lens Option
  • Control & Customize
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WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin: Features Overview

The WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin is designed to enhance the visual presentation of your products by offering a range of zoom and magnification options.

Here are the notable features of this plugin:

  • Zoom Magnifier for Single Product Pages
    Enhanced Detail: Allows customers to zoom in on product images on individual product pages, providing a closer look at the details and textures of your products.
  • Awesome Product Gallery for Single Page
    Fancybox/Magnific Popups: Offers a stylish and interactive product gallery with the integration of Fancybox and Magnific popups, enhancing the visual appeal of your product pages.
    Carousel with Transitions and Side Arrows: Facilitates a smooth browsing experience with beautiful transitions and side arrows, allowing customers to easily navigate through the product gallery.
  • Standard/Default Zoom Magnifier
    Basic Zoom: Provides a standard zoom functionality, offering a straightforward way for customers to magnify product images.
  • Zoom Magnifier with Output Window Option
    Customizable Display: Allows you to set up a separate output window where the magnified image will be displayed, offering a more detailed view of the product.
  • Magnifier with Lens Option
    Focused Zoom: Enables a lens-style zoom option, allowing customers to focus on specific parts of the product image for a closer inspection.
  • Zoom Magnifier with Magnific Popup Option
    Popup Display: Integrates Magnific Popup functionality, offering a stylish and interactive way to display magnified product images in a popup window.
  • Magnifier with Fancybox Options
    Elegant Popups: Incorporates Fancybox options to create elegant popup displays for magnified images, enhancing the visual presentation of your products.
  • Control & Customize Height/Width
    Easy Setting Options: Offers easy setting options to control and customize the height and width of the zoom window, ensuring that the magnification feature integrates seamlessly with your website’s design.

The WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin is a versatile tool that enhances the product viewing experience on your WooCommerce store. With a variety of zoom and magnification options, including fancy and magnific popups, it allows for a more interactive and engaging shopping experience. The plugin’s easy setting options for controlling the dimensions of the zoom window make it a user-friendly choice for store owners looking to enhance their product displays and captivate their audience.

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