WooCommerce Product SKU Generator review

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Key Features
  • Unique SKUs
  • Variable Products
  • Prefix and Suffix
  • Different SKU Format
  • Bulk Generation
  • Sequential SKU Generation

The auto-generating SKU plugin is designed for WooCommerce store owners seeking a straightforward solution to SKU management, especially those who prefer not to manually input SKU details for each product. Here is a detailed breakdown of its features and functionalities:


Features and Functionalities

Automatic SKU Generation

  • Ease of Use: Simply activate the plugin and it will automatically generate SKUs when you create products, saving time and effort.
  • Unique SKUs: The plugin ensures that once an SKU is registered, it will not be generated again, maintaining the uniqueness of each SKU.
  • Variable Products: Supports automatic SKU generation for variable products when they are saved.


Customization Options

  • SKU Length: Allows you to set the number of characters in the SKU, helping you maintain a consistent SKU format.
  • Prefix and Suffix: Offers options to add a prefix before the SKU and a suffix at the end, facilitating a structured SKU system.
  • SKU Format: Choose from various SKU formats including numbers only, letters only, alphanumeric, or based on the product template, providing flexibility in SKU creation.
  • Product ID Integration: Enables the inclusion of the product ID in the SKU, aiding in detailed product identification.


Bulk Generation Features

  • Bulk Generation: Features ready-to-use functions for bulk generating SKUs for all products or by category, enhancing efficiency in SKU management.
  • Sequential SKU Generation: A special option that considers the last published product to generate the SKU for the next product, ensuring a sequential and organized SKU system.


Additional Settings

  • Duplicate SKUs: Provides an option to allow the use of duplicate SKUs in the online store, offering flexibility in SKU assignment.
  • Additional Number and Format: Allows the addition of an extra number in the SKU and the choice of a format for it, facilitating detailed SKU creation.
  • Variant Product Settings: Includes settings for additional options and separators in SKU generation for variant products, ensuring detailed and organized SKUs.



  • Simplicity: A straightforward solution for automatic SKU generation, ideal for those who prefer a hassle-free approach.
  • Customization: Offers a range of customization options for SKU generation, allowing for a tailored SKU system.
  • Efficiency: The bulk generation features facilitate quick and efficient SKU generation for a large number of products.

In conclusion, the auto-generating SKU plugin is a simple yet feature-rich solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to automate and customize SKU generation. With a range of options for SKU format, bulk generation, and additional settings for variant products, it promises to streamline SKU management, making it a handy tool for store owners.

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