WooCommerce Taxamo review

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Key Features
  • Real-Time Tax Calculation
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Pre-Purchase Tax Visibility
  • Calculate VAT
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Taxamo is a plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce stores specializing in digital products. It operates by gathering data on the customer’s location to dynamically calculate the applicable tax on a product, all in real time.

By integrating Taxamo into your eStore, you can seamlessly incorporate tax into the product’s pricing, maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted shopping journey for your users.


Here is how the plugin works and what it offers:


  • Real-Time Tax Calculation: Utilizes customer location data to compute the tax on a product instantly.
  • Integration with WooCommerce: The plugin communicates with WooCommerce at the shopping cart stage, receiving necessary data to determine the VATMOSS for a product, which is then relayed back to WooCommerce.
  • Pre-Purchase Tax Visibility: Customers have the advantage of viewing the exact tax amount they will be charged before finalizing their purchase, promoting transparency and trust.
    Specific Focus on Digital Goods
  • Current Limitation: Presently, Taxamo is equipped to calculate VAT exclusively for digital goods, catering predominantly to WooCommerce stores that serve customers in the EU region.
  • Future Expansion: Although the developers have expressed intentions to extend the plugin’s functionality to encompass physical goods, the timeline for this enhancement remains unspecified.
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