WooCommerce Wishlists review

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Key Features
  • Guest and Customer Wishlists
  • Unlimited Wishlists
  • Privacy Control
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Product Support
  • Notification System
  • Customizable "Add to Wishlist" Option
  • Admin Management
  • Bulk Actions
  • Well documented
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Certainly! Here are the features of the “WooCommerce Wishlists” plugin enumerated:

Features of WooCommerce Wishlists:

Guest and Customer Wishlists:

Allows both guests and registered customers to create and manage wishlists.
Guest wishlists are stored for up to 30 days or until cookies are cleared.
Registered customers can store their wishlists indefinitely.
Unlimited Wishlists:

Users can create an unlimited number of wishlists for various occasions or needs.
Privacy Control:

Offers three privacy settings for wishlists: public, shared (accessible via a unique URL), and private.
Social Media Sharing:

Enables sharing of wishlists on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as through email with a customizable message.
Product Support:

Supports various product types including grouped products, product variations, simple products, and products using Product Add-ons and Gravity Forms Add-on.
Notification System:

Notifies users if a product is already in one of their wishlists.
Customizable “Add to Wishlist” Option:

Allows customization of the “Add to Wishlist” text, which can be changed to link text, a button, or even an icon.
Admin Management:

Provides a robust admin section for viewing and managing created wishlists.
Integration with WordPress Menus for easy addition of wishlist links.
Bulk Actions:

Offers bulk actions for managing wishlists such as adding multiple items to the cart, deleting items, updating quantities, and moving items between lists.
Front-end Wishlist Settings:
Provides settings for customers to customize their wishlist experience on the shop front-end.
Customization and Design:
Inherits the current theme’s styles and allows for further customization with custom CSS.
Designers and developers can adjust the appearance to match custom themes or designs.
Admin Views for Shop Managers:
Allows shop managers to view and sort wishlists using various options.
Enables direct editing of wishlists from the backend to understand customer preferences better.
By integrating these features, WooCommerce store owners can enhance the shopping experience for their users, encourage repeat visits, and potentially increase sales.

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