Wordfence Security review

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Key Features
  • Wordpress Firewall
  • Malware scanner
  • Login security
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Live Traffic
  • Geoblocking
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Securing WordPress demands a specialized team constantly delving into the latest malware variations and WordPress vulnerabilities, translating them into firewall protocols and malware signatures, and promptly distributing them to clients. Wordfence has garnered recognition as the preeminent WordPress security research entity globally. Our plugin encompasses an extensive array of security functionalities, powered by our team’s groundbreaking research, which has cemented our reputation for unparalleled security provision.


At Wordfence, we are not just partially dedicated to WordPress security; it constitutes our sole focus. We boast a round-the-clock global incident response team, pledged to offer our premium clients a response within an hour in the event of a security breach. Our global security personnel operate tirelessly, leveraging a sophisticated threat intelligence infrastructure to collate, scrutinize, and pioneer seminal security research on emerging threats.


The security suite offered by Wordfence encompasses a terminal firewall and malware scanner, fortified login security measures, real-time traffic insights, and more. The Threat Defense Feed equips Wordfence with the latest firewall protocols, malware signatures, and notorious IP addresses, essential in safeguarding your website. Complemented by two-factor authentication (2FA) and a range of other functionalities, Wordfence stands as the most exhaustive WordPress security solution in the market.

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