WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin review

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Key Features
  • Multi-Product Support
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Seller Review and Rating
  • Invoice Management
  • Shipping Management
  • WPML and Woostify Compatibility
  • Separate Seller Profiles
  • Flexible Commission
  • Favorite Seller Feature
  • Auto-Approval Settings
  • Well documented
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WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin Overview

The WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin transforms your e-commerce store into a thriving marketplace with multiple sellers, each having distinct seller profiles and the ability to add products from their respective panels. Below, we explore the primary features and functionalities that this plugin offers.


Key Features

Multi-Product Support: Sellers can add all default WooCommerce product types to the marketplace.
SEO-Friendly URL Structure: The plugin supports SEO-friendly URLs, enhancing the site’s ranking on search engines.
Seller Review and Rating: Customers can review and rate sellers based on their experiences, fostering trust and potentially increasing sales for well-rated sellers.
Marketplace Seller Central: Admin can create a dedicated space where users can register to become sellers.
Invoice Management: Both vendors and the admin can manage orders and generate invoices.
Shipping Management: Sellers can set up new shipping zones and add shipping methods for these zones.
WPML and Woostify Compatibility: The plugin is compatible with WPML and Woostify, enhancing its functionality and theme compatibility.


Separate Seller Profiles: Each seller maintains a separate profile, where they can manage their business operations.
Flexible Commission Management: Admin can set global or individual commission rates for sellers, offering flexibility in managing the marketplace’s economics.
Order Management: Sellers can view and manage all their orders, including customer details.
Favorite Seller Feature: Customers can mark sellers as favorites and view them in their account panel, fostering loyalty and repeat business.
Additional Functionalities
Product By Feature: Displays the seller’s name on the product page, allowing customers to view the seller’s profile and other products.
Ask Question to Admin: Sellers can ask questions to the admin, facilitating smooth communication and problem resolution.
Auto-Approval Settings: Admin can set auto-approval for new sellers and their products, streamlining the onboarding process.
Flexible Role Assignment: Admin can change a customer’s role to a seller, and assign products to different sellers, offering flexibility in managing the marketplace dynamics.


The WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin is a comprehensive solution for transforming a WooCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace. It offers a range of features that facilitate smooth operations, including separate seller profiles, flexible commission management, and robust order management. By leveraging this plugin, marketplace owners can create a dynamic and user-friendly environment that benefits both sellers and customers, fostering a successful e-commerce ecosystem.

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