What is an “Alias”?

An alias is a term used in various contexts within technology and computing. At its core, an alias represents an alternative name or label for something, allowing for easier reference or use. Depending on the context, an alias might refer to alternative domain names, shortcut commands, or pseudonyms for users in online communities.

Aliases in the Context of WordPress

In the realm of WordPress, the term “alias” can be associated with several aspects:

  • Domain Alias: Sometimes referred to as “domain parking”, a domain alias allows a website to be accessible via multiple domain names. For instance, a business might have their website accessible through both “” and “”. Both domains point to the same website content on the WordPress platform, but they act as aliases for the primary domain.
  • Email Alias: An email alias is an alternative email address that forwards to a primary email address. Within WordPress, users might set up email aliases to categorize communications, such as “” forwarding to “”.
  • Nickname or Display Name: In WordPress, users can set a “nickname” different from their username. This nickname can be selected as the “display name” which is shown publicly on posts, comments, and other areas of the website. In this sense, the nickname acts as an alias for the user.

Benefits of Using Aliases

Utilizing aliases, whether domain aliases or nicknames within WordPress, offers several advantages:

  • Versatility: Aliases provide flexibility, allowing users or websites to be identified by multiple names or addresses.
  • Privacy: For WordPress authors, using a nickname as a display name can offer a level of privacy, separating their login credentials from the publicly displayed name.
  • Branding and Marketing: Domain aliases can help businesses protect brand names, capture common misspellings, or leverage different top-level domains for marketing campaigns.
  • Streamlined Communication: Email aliases can help organize incoming communications by their purpose, even if they ultimately funnel into a single inbox.


An alias, in the context of WordPress, provides flexibility and utility in how content, users, and communication are managed and presented. By understanding and effectively leveraging aliases, WordPress users can optimize their site’s accessibility, branding, and user interactions.

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