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What is an “Archive Title” in WordPress?

In WordPress, an Archive Title refers to the title displayed at the top of an archive page. Archive pages in WordPress are automatically generated collections of posts grouped by specific criteria, such as date, category, tag, or author. The Archive Title helps visitors understand what type of content they are viewing on that particular page.

Understanding Archive Titles

As you navigate a WordPress website, you may come across pages that display a collection of posts rather than a single post or page. These are often archive pages, and they play a crucial role in organizing and presenting content in a structured manner. The Archive Title serves as a header for these pages, providing context to the content below it.

Examples of Archive Titles

Here are some common instances where Archive Titles appear:

  • Category Archives: If you visit a page displaying all the posts from a specific category, the Archive Title might be the name of that category. For example, “News” or “Tutorials”.
  • Tag Archives: When viewing all the posts associated with a specific tag, the Archive Title will usually be the name of that tag, like “WordPress Tips” or “Beginner Guides”.
  • Date Archives: WordPress can also create archives based on dates. In this case, the Archive Title could be a specific month and year, such as “January 2023”.
  • Author Archives: If a visitor is viewing all the posts written by a particular author, the Archive Title might be that author’s display name.

Customizing Archive Titles

By default, WordPress provides basic Archive Titles, but they can be customized. Themes and plugins often provide options or filters to adjust how these titles are displayed. For instance, you might prepend “Category:” to category archive titles or “Posts Tagged:” to tag archives. This provides clearer context to visitors about the type of content they’re viewing.


The Archive Title in WordPress serves as a guidepost, helping visitors understand the context of the content they’re viewing on archive pages. By giving clear titles, website owners can ensure better user navigation and content discovery.

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