What is an “Author” in WordPress?

In WordPress, the term Author refers to a specific user role with predefined capabilities related to content creation and management. This role allows users to write, edit, and publish their own articles on a WordPress website.

Understanding the Author Role

WordPress has a flexible user management system with various roles, each designed to grant specific permissions to users. One of these roles is the Author role. A user assigned to this role has a specific set of permissions focused primarily on content creation.

Capabilities of an Author

Here’s what a user with the Author role can typically do:

  • Write Posts: An Author can create new posts and save them as drafts.
  • Edit Their Own Posts: Authors have the ability to edit or modify any posts they’ve written, even after publishing.
  • Publish Posts: Authors can directly publish their posts without needing approval from an administrator or editor.
  • Delete Their Own Posts: If necessary, an Author can delete any posts they’ve written.
  • Upload Files: Authors can upload media files, such as images or videos, to include in their posts.
  • View Comments: Authors can view comments made on their posts, but they can’t moderate these comments.

Limitations of the Author Role

While the Author role has substantial content-related permissions, it does have certain limitations:

  • No Access to Other’s Posts: Authors can’t edit or delete posts written by other users.
  • No Theme or Plugin Management: Authors don’t have the capability to alter site themes, add or remove plugins, or modify other site-wide settings.
  • No User Management: Authors can’t add new users, delete existing users, or modify user roles.

Why Use the Author Role?

The Author role is useful for websites with multiple content creators, especially when there’s a need to allow individual writers to manage their content without giving them broad administrative powers. It ensures content integrity and reduces the risk associated with granting full administrative rights to every content creator.


The Author role in WordPress is designed for users who primarily contribute content to a website. It’s a middle-ground role, offering more privileges than a Contributor but fewer than an Editor or Administrator, making it perfect for trusted content creators who don’t need full site access.

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