WP Google Analytics Events review

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Key Features
  • No-Code Event Tracking
  • Monitor interactions
  • In-Page Tracking
  • One-Click Link Tracking PRO
  • Placeholders PRO
  • Media Tracking PRO
  • Plugin Management PRO
  • Well documented
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WP Google Analytics Events Plugin: A Comprehensive Overview


WP Google Analytics Events is a specialized plugin designed for those who wish to track specific events on their website using Google Analytics without the need for coding. It offers a straightforward approach to understanding visitor interactions on your site.

Key Features:

No-Code Event Tracking:

Easily track events without writing any JavaScript code.
Monitor interactions or views of specific elements on your website.
Event Examples:

Track when a visitor scrolls to view your pricing table.
Monitor interactions with videos, banners, Call to Action buttons, email links, and more.
Enhanced In-Page Tracking:

Provides more detailed insights compared to default in-page tracking options in Google Analytics.
Essential for understanding nuanced visitor behavior and aligning with KPIs.

Designed with the WordPress ethos in mind, eliminating the need for elaborate coding for event tracking.

The plugin is not compatible with Google Analytics GA4.
For GA4 users, the “Goal Tracker for Google Analytics GA4” plugin is recommended.

Pro Version – WP Google Analytics Events Pro:

For those seeking advanced tracking capabilities, the Pro version of the plugin offers:

One-Click Link Tracking: Simplify the process of tracking links with a single click.
Placeholders: Enrich your event data with placeholders for more detailed insights.
Media Tracking: Track interactions with self-hosted audio and video content.
Support for Video Platforms: Integrated support for YouTube and Vimeo.
Plugin Management: Set permissions for team members to manage the plugin.
Dedicated Support: Access to the Pro support team for any assistance or queries.


WP Google Analytics Events stands out as a valuable tool for those wanting to delve deeper into visitor interactions without the complexities of coding. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this plugin simplifies the process of event tracking, ensuring you gain meaningful insights into your website’s performance. For enhanced features, the Pro version is worth considering.

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