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WP Replicate Post: A Step-by-Step Guide


WP Replicate Post is a handy WordPress plugin that allows users to create copies or replicas of existing posts or pages with just a few clicks. This can be particularly useful when you want to create a new post or page with similar content or structure as an existing one. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the WP Replicate Post plugin:

Steps to Use WP Replicate Post:


First, ensure that you have the WP Replicate Post plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website.
Replicating Individual Posts/Pages:

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
Click on ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’ depending on what you want to replicate.
Find the post or page you wish to replicate.
Hover over the title of the post/page, and you’ll see a set of action links below it.
Click on the ‘Replicate’ link. This action will immediately create a copy of the chosen post/page.
Once replicated, you’ll be redirected back to the list where you can see the new replica with the title “Replica” appended to the original title.
State Retention:

The replicated post/page will inherit the state of the original. For instance, if the original post was in a ‘Draft’ state, the replica will also be in a ‘Draft’ state.
Editing the Replica:

The replica post/page can be edited just like any other regular post/page in WordPress.
Navigate to the replica post/page from the list.
Click on the title to open the editor.
Make any desired changes and then save or publish as needed.
Bulk Replication:

If you want to replicate multiple posts/pages at once, this can be achieved using the bulk actions feature.
From the ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’ list, select the posts/pages you want to replicate by checking the boxes next to their titles.
Once selected, go to the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown menu located at the top of the list.
Choose the ‘Replicate’ option from the dropdown.
Click the ‘Apply’ button next to the dropdown.
All selected posts/pages will be replicated, and you’ll see their replicas in the list with the “Replica” title appended.


WP Replicate Post is a simple yet effective tool for duplicating content within your WordPress site. Whether you’re looking to create similar content structures or simply want backup copies of certain posts/pages, this plugin offers a straightforward solution. Remember to review and modify the replicated content as needed to ensure uniqueness and relevance.

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