WP Reset review

  • Good choice
  • 4.8 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • starting at 79$
Key Features
  • Time Machine
  • Install Favorite Plugins With 1 Click
  • More Cleaning Tools
  • Nuclear Reset
  • Whitelabel Option
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Delete all Installations
  • Well documented
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Sometimes initiating a fresh start serves as the optimal strategy for optimizing your WordPress database. This is where WP Reset comes into play, facilitating a fresh launch of your website by enabling a thorough cleanup of its database.


WP Reset is designed to meticulously erase a majority of the data housed in your database, while conscientiously retaining crucial elements. This includes safeguarding your admin user account and fundamental site configurations such as the WordPress address and indexing settings. Moreover, it ensures the preservation of plugins and themes that are pivotal to your site’s functionality. Essentially, it empowers you to remove all content from your site without tampering with your existing WordPress installation. Here are the central features of WP Reset:


Database Reset: Allows for a complete reset of your WordPress database, providing a clean slate to start afresh.
Key Data Retention: Ensures the preservation of vital data including your admin user account, thereby maintaining the essential configurations intact.

Selective Content Deletion: Facilitates the removal of all site content while abstaining from overwriting the WordPress installation, thus retaining the fundamental structure and settings of your site.

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