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Key Features
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cloning process
  • Multisite support
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Lifetime Working
  • Backup to SFTP
  • Well documented
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WP Staging stands as a convenient solution when there is a need for a complimentary staging site to conduct minor updates or test a new plugin. It allows for the rapid creation of a staging site with just a single click, eliminating the need for intricate domain setups or additional WordPress installations. This speed in setup is one of its most significant advantages, addressing the common issue of time consumption found in many other staging solutions.

However, this plugin comes with its set of drawbacks, especially when it comes to handling substantial tasks.


A notable limitation of WP Staging is its lack of support for permalinks on the staging site, restricting comprehensive testing. While it shares the feature of password-protecting the staging site with BlogVault, thereby preventing Google from indexing it, it falls short in enhancing site security. The password protection, rather than being a safety measure, obstructs visibility into the site’s appearance without the admin bar.


The staging sites are generated within the same installation environment as the original WordPress site, utilizing the primary database to store its tables, a practice facilitated through altering the dbprefix. Despite being permitted by WordPress, this is not considered optimal. Moreover, it houses all files in a subdirectory within the main site, a technical decision that could potentially compromise the website’s cleanliness over time.

Security concerns are heightened with the knowledge that operating multiple WordPress sites in a shared hosting scenario or within the same directory can be perilous. There exists a risk of the main site being compromised if the staging site encounters a security breach.


Furthermore, WP Staging struggles with large websites, relying on the site’s resources to duplicate, which often results in failures during the creation process for extensive and intricate sites. This delineates a clear boundary on its applicability, marking it suitable for simpler, smaller-scale operations.

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