WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress review

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  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Unlimited Virtual Tours
  • Video Support
  • Full-window and VR Glass Support
  • Shortcode and Widget
  • Customizable Hotspots
  • Animations
  • Unlimited Scenes and Hotspots PRO
  • WooCommerce Integration PRO
  • Advanced Viewing Options PRO
  • Customization and Branding PRO
  • Well documented
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WP VR – A Comprehensive Review for 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creation in WordPress

Introduction WP VR stands out as a leading solution for creating immersive virtual tours and 360 panorama views within the WordPress ecosystem. Targeted at businesses owning properties, shops, hotels, and exhibitions, WP VR empowers users to bring their spaces online, providing a virtual experience accessible 24/7. This review delves into the features, usability, and premium offerings of WP VR, providing a detailed insight for potential users.

Free Features: Extensive and User-Friendly

Unlimited Virtual Tours: Create as many virtual tours as needed, each with its own 360 panorama image.
Video Support: Incorporate 360-degree videos, including self-hosted, YouTube, and Vimeo options.
Full-window and VR Glass Support: Enhance the user experience with full-window views and compatibility with VR glasses for video tours.
Comprehensive Shortcode and Widget Support: Easily integrate tours using shortcodes, Gutenberg Blocks, and Elementor Widgets.
Interactive and Customizable Hotspots: Add various types of hotspots, including scene type to connect scenes and info type for providing additional information.
Embeddable Content on Hotspots: Embed texts, videos, images, GIFs, and website links directly on hotspots.
User-Friendly Controls and Animations: Offer basic control buttons, auto-rotation, zoom functionalities, and scene fade animations for a smoother user experience.
Mobile and Multi-Site Support: Ensure accessibility across devices and compatibility with multi-site WordPress installations.
User Role and Asset Control: Manage WP user roles and control the loading of plugin assets on specific pages or posts.
Premium Features: Elevating the Virtual Experience

Unlimited Scenes and Hotspots: No restrictions on the number of 360 panorama images (scenes) or interactive hotspots.
Extended Publishing and WooCommerce Integration: Embed tours anywhere and integrate hotspots with WooCommerce for product interactions.
Advanced Viewing Options: Enjoy support for VR glasses, floor plans, cubemap images, and Google Street View.
Enhanced Customization and Branding: Access over 900 premium icons for hotspots, customize hotspot colors, and add your company logo and description.
Convenience and Support: Duplicate tours with one click, control the 360 view, customize loading points, and receive priority support.
Usability and Performance

WP VR is designed to be straightforward, allowing users to create realistic virtual tours without requiring advanced technical skills. The live preview on the back-end, along with a range of customization options, ensures a user-friendly experience. The plugin’s responsiveness and compatibility with various devices and screen sizes highlight its commitment to accessibility and performance.


WP VR emerges as a robust and versatile solution for creating 360 panorama views and virtual tours in WordPress. Its extensive range of free features provides a solid foundation for businesses looking to venture into the virtual space. The premium features elevate the experience, offering advanced customization, branding options, and extended support. Whether you are a real estate agent, a hotel owner, or run an exhibition space, WP VR provides the tools you need to create immersive virtual experiences that keep your space open for business around the clock.

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