WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce review

  • 4.5 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $35
Key Features
  • User Control
  • Detailed Product Display
  • Efficient Purchase Flow
  • Efficient Purchase Flow
  • Sharing Capabilities
  • Add notes to each product PRO
  • Multiple wishlists per user PRO
  • Lifetime updates PRO

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce Overview

Introduction: WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce is a robust plugin designed to enhance the shopping experience on WooCommerce stores. It offers customers a streamlined way to save their favorite products for future purchases, making their shopping journey smoother and more efficient.

Key Features:

User Control:

Store owners can decide whether the wishlist feature is available for all users or only for those who are logged in.
Detailed Product Display:

The wishlist showcases product details such as title, price, stock status, and a preview image. It also indicates the date the product was added to the wishlist and the total number of items in the wishlist.
Efficient Purchase Flow:

Customers can easily add or remove products from the wishlist, proceed to checkout, or continue shopping, all from the wishlist page.

Store owners can choose the wishlist page, use a provided shortcode to display the wishlist, customize the wishlist button’s appearance and behavior, and even select specific categories where the wishlist button appears.
Sharing Capabilities:

The plugin offers options to enable or disable wishlist sharing buttons and copying of wishlist links, allowing customers to share their favorite products with friends and family.
Premium Features:

The premium version offers multiple wishlists per user, the ability to add notes to each product, lifetime updates, dedicated support, and customization to match the site’s design.
Management Feature:

A new feature allows store owners to view all wishlists containing a specific product and see all wishlists created by a particular user.
The Significance of a Wishlist: The inclusion of a wishlist button on a store can significantly impact customer behavior and sales. Often, customers may not be ready to make a purchase immediately but wish to save products for later consideration. By offering a wishlist feature, store owners provide customers with the convenience of saving products without the commitment of purchase. This not only enhances the user experience but also increases the likelihood of future sales. Furthermore, for products that are out of stock, the wishlist serves as a reminder for customers to return and purchase once the product is available. By restricting the wishlist feature to authenticated users, store owners can also encourage more user registrations and engagement.

Conclusion: WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce is a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce stores looking to enhance their user experience and boost sales. By offering a convenient way for customers to save and revisit their favorite products, store owners can foster customer loyalty, encourage return visits, and ultimately drive more sales.

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