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Key Features
  • Review Summarization
  • Attachment in Reviews
  • Customizable
  • Graphical Representation
  • Display Settings
  • reCaptcha
  • Review Filtering
  • Google Review Snippets Integration
  • WPML Compatibility
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Enhance Your Sales with YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, leveraging customer reviews is pivotal in building trust and boosting sales. Recognizing this, YITH presents the WooCommerce Advanced Reviews plugin, a tool designed to enhance the visibility and functionality of reviews on your online store. Let’s delve deeper into what this plugin offers:


Key Features

Review Summarization: Customers can add a title to their reviews, offering a quick insight into their feedback.
Attachment in Reviews: Users have the option to attach files such as images to their reviews, providing a richer context to their feedback.

Customizable Colors: Tailor the color scheme of the review section to seamlessly blend with your site’s layout.
Graphical Representation of Reviews: Showcase customer feedback through percentages and bar graphs, offering a clear and concise view of the reviews.
Review Voting: Customers can mark reviews as helpful or not, helping to highlight the most beneficial reviews.
Review Display Settings: Decide the number of reviews to display on a page, with an AJAX ‘Load more’ button for easy navigation.
reCaptcha for Reviews: Ensure that reviews are submitted by real users and not bots, maintaining the authenticity of the feedback.
Review Replies Management: Choose whether to allow users to reply to reviews, fostering a community of engaged customers.
Manual Review Approval: Maintain control over the reviews displayed on your site by approving them manually, ensuring only appropriate content is showcased.
Inappropriate Review Identification: Empower users to identify and report inappropriate reviews, maintaining the quality of the review section.
Highlighting Noteworthy Reviews: Feature deserving reviews prominently, drawing attention to the most helpful feedback.
Comprehensive Review Management: Manage all reviews efficiently from a single page, keeping track of every detail effortlessly.
In-depth Product Analysis: Gain insights into the number of reviews and the ratings given, helping you understand customer sentiments better.
Single Review per Product: Restrict users to a single review per purchased product, avoiding multiple reviews from the same user.
Review Editing: Allow users to edit their reviews post-submission, providing flexibility in managing their feedback.
Review Filtering: Enable filtering of reviews by rate, offering a focused view of reviews based on selected ratings.
Google Review Snippets Integration: Enhance your product’s visibility on Google search pages by showcasing ratings through Google review snippets.
WPML Compatibility: Enjoy the ease of translating the plugin using the powerful WPML tool, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Multilanguage Support: Yes, including a range of languages with varying levels of translation completion.
Supported Page Builders: Elementor

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews plugin stands as a robust tool in enhancing the review system of your e-commerce platform. By facilitating a more interactive and visually appealing review section, it aims to foster trust among your customers and potentially increase sales. Whether it’s the graphical representation of reviews or the integration with Google review snippets, each feature is designed to elevate the user experience and provide you with valuable insights into your products’ performance. It’s more than just a review tool; it’s a gateway to understanding and engaging with your customer base more effectively.

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