YITH WooCommerce EU VAT, OSS & IOSS review

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Key Features
  • VAT Validation at Checkout
  • Automatic VAT Rate Application
  • Geolocation and VAT Application
  • Sales Threshold Monitoring
  • Tax Report Generation
  • EU Compliance
  • Simplifies B2B transactions
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The YITH WooCommerce EU VAT, OSS & IOSS plugin is designed to assist WooCommerce store owners in managing EU VAT exemptions for B2B customers and ensuring compliance with the EU’s new One Stop Shop (OSS) procedure. Here is a detailed overview of its features and functionalities:


Features and Functionalities

Geolocation and VAT Application

  • Automatic VAT Rate Application: The plugin leverages geolocation technology to identify the location of your European customers and automatically apply the correct VAT rate for B2C orders, facilitating compliance with EU VAT laws.

B2B Sales and VAT Exemption

  • VAT Validation at Checkout: For B2B sales, the plugin introduces a field on the checkout page where businesses can validate their VAT numbers to avail VAT exemption at your store, streamlining the B2B shopping experience.

One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Procedure Compliance

  • Sales Threshold Monitoring: The plugin helps you keep track of the sales threshold (€10,000) for B2C exports to other EU countries, ensuring you remain within the stipulated limits.
  • Tax Report Generation: Generate detailed tax reports on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis and export them as CSV files for easy reporting to your local tax authorities.
  • Up-to-Date with New Regulations: The plugin is updated to comply with the new OSS procedure implemented from 1st July 2021, helping online retailers manage EU sales efficiently.


  • Compliance: Ensures adherence to the evolving EU VAT laws and OSS procedure, helping you avoid legal complications.
  • Efficiency: Automates the process of VAT rate application and reporting, saving time and reducing manual efforts.
  • Facilitated B2B Transactions: Simplifies B2B transactions by allowing businesses to validate and exempt themselves from VAT during the checkout process.

In conclusion, the YITH WooCommerce EU VAT, OSS & IOSS plugin emerges as a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce store owners selling products or services in the EU. It not only aids in the correct application of VAT rates for B2C orders but also facilitates VAT exemption for B2B customers, all while helping you stay compliant with the new OSS procedure. It is a vital tool for maintaining transparency and efficiency in tax management while selling in the EU market.

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