YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices review

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Key Features
  • Role-Based Pricing
  • Flexible Price Rules
  • Priority Levels
  • Visibility Controls
  • Custom Messages
  • Variation Pricing
  • Label Customization
  • Currency Switcher Compatibility
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YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin: Overview and Features
YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin is designed to cater to the unique pricing needs of different user roles in an online store. Whether you’re dealing with vendors, partners, bulk buyers, or other specific customer types, this plugin ensures that each user role gets the right price upon authentication. This not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines the purchasing process for specific user roles.

Key Features
Role-Based Pricing:

Adjust product prices based on user roles.
Increase or decrease prices either by a fixed amount or percentage.
Apply role-based prices to the regular price or sale price.
Flexible Price Rules:

Create distinct price rules for different user roles.
Apply these rules to individual products, specific categories, or tags.
Exclude certain categories or tags from role-based price rules.
Priority Levels:

Combine multiple price rules on a single product.
Assign priority levels to determine the order of rule application.
Visibility Controls:

For each user role, choose to show or hide:Regular price
On-sale price
Role-based price
Price with tax included
Total discount or markup
“Add to Cart” button
Custom Messages:

Display a custom message for users who don’t see a price.
Variation Pricing:

Set role-based prices for each product variation.
Label Customization:

Modify the labels of product prices for better clarity.
Third-Party Role Integration:

Compatibility with roles set up using third-party plugins like “Members.”
Currency Switcher Compatibility:

Works seamlessly with Aelia Currency Switcher and WooCommerce Currency Switcher, ensuring role-based prices are converted appropriately for multi-language sites or different currencies.
Additional Features:
Option to show prices for a different user role.
Control over which price (regular, on-sale, role-based) is displayed to users.
Easily manage and apply role-based pricing rules across your store.

In summary, the YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin offers a comprehensive solution for online store owners looking to provide tailored pricing strategies for different user roles. By ensuring that each user role sees the appropriate price, the plugin enhances the shopping experience and fosters better relationships with various customer groups.

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